Stepladder Learning Vision


Stepladder Learning is passionately committed to providing Special Needs Educational Resources - facilitating multi-level learning for the inclusive classroom.

Our materials are aimed at making learning so much more fun and accessible to all. Each unit of work is carefully differentiated, so there is something for everyone, from the very earliest responses, up to National Curriculum Level 2.

In the Stepladder Learning 'Ourselves' Pack you'll find -


  • ideas for students using a sensory curriculum,
  • printable differentiated activites supported with symbols,
  • teaching suggestions, 
  • role-play ideas, 
  • fun games and activities, 
  • songs and rhymes, 
  • multi-level computer activities, 
  • symbol-supported story books, 
  • printable resources,
  • cool cartoon characters

 Age free - suitable for students of all ages, working up to around National Curriculum Level 2


Stepladder Learning

See for yourself!

Click here to download a free sample unit. (Coming soon.)


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